Saturday, July 9, 2011

Next stop: Oahu, Hawaii

So here is where I'll be relaxing and enjoying the next few days: Hawaii. I can't wait to go there, maybe some surfing, scuba diving, or simply walking arund the island. It's going to be such an awesome experience and there's no one like Fabio to share it with. I'll keep on posting as I'm going to do certainly tones of photos. So stay tuned to see Hawai as closed as ever! 
I also wanted to tell you that  Sarenza are on sales, so if you are looking for the best shoes and cheaper than ever , go and take a look!

Aquí es donde estaré relajando y disfrutando los próximos días: Hawaii. No puedo esperar más a llegar, quizá algo de surf, buceo,¿quién sabe? quizá simplemente caminando por la isla. Va a ser una experiencia fantástica!! Seguiré posteando si logro encontrar wifi por allí, así que estad atentos para ver Hawaii más cerca que nunca. 
También quería deciros que en Sarenza ya están de rebajas, así que estáis buscando los mejores zapatos más baratos que nunca, id a su página web y echad un vistazo!


LDM said...

wow really? that's one of the ultimate trips i will have to take some time!

xx from hong kong :)

Lidiya said...

Gorgeous photo, Hawaii looks super beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

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