Saturday, July 23, 2011

Road trip: Las Vegas

So I've just arrived at home from the greatest road trip ever. We have spent 3 amazing days in fabulous Las Vegas :) I have to say that it's an experience everyone should have, it's amazing! The lights, colours, hotels, shops... These first photos are from our first day, when we stopped in an outlet near Las Vegas before getting there, it was so so hot, about 41ºC (and I'm coming from the north of Spain, the highest temperature ever could be 29ºC ) it was even hard to breathe!!
The next photos are from the Tropicana hotel, the first hotel we were in. Hope you enjoy it!

Acabo de llegar a casa del mejor viaje por carretera que he tenido. Hemos pasado 3 días estupendos en la fabulosa ciudad de Las Vegas :) Tengo que decir que es una experiencia que todo el mundo tendría que tener, es fantástico, las luces, los colores, los hoteles y tiendas... Estas fotos son del primer día antes de llegar a la ciudad, hacía muchísimo calor, unos 41ºC ( y yo que soy de Burgos, acostumbrada a nuestro frío polar estaba pasándolo realmente mal) costaba respirar!!
Las siguientes fotos son del hotel Tropicana, el primer hotel al que fuimos. ¡Espero que os gusten!

My outfit: Forever21 tshirt
Zara shorts
Stradivarius Sandals
Guess sunnies
Longchamp bag
Clairie's ring
Stradivarius bracelets


Melina said...

beautiful pictures!
Your cupcake ring is soo adoreable ;))

Dorien said...

These pictures are great :D ! Like you outfit as well ! I actually don't like Longchamp bag because EVERYONE has them but you make 'm work great :D !

helena said...

Oh wow I've been to Las Vegas (also LA, SF etc) like, two years ago (when I was 13 almost 14) and I looooved it. I'm so jealous you are there!
The cupcake ring is super cuuute and so is your blog, I follow you now :)

Anna Bonfiglio said...

Beautiful post and sweet blog!
If you love my blog we can follow eachother!

The yellow ball

Celia Aranda said...

Me encantan las fotos! :D
Te sigo!

Camilla said...

aw these are so sweet

x Camilla

Lucija said...

Love the first couple of photos in that sepia mode! Great outfit!
Follow each other? :)



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