Sunday, July 17, 2011

True paradise

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so, right? Welcome to Kailua Beach, in the East coast of Oahu. We saw on internet that it was the most beautiful beach all around the Island, so we couldn't miss it. We went there from our trip from Pupukea to Honolulu, and I think I'll never forget how beautiful it was. 

Estoy segura que no soy la única que piensa que ésta es una playa paradisíaca, verdad? Bienvenidos a Kailua Beach, en la costa este de la isla de Oahu. Vimos en internet que era la playa más bonita de toda la isla, así que no pudimos perdérnosla. La verdad es que el viaje mereció la pena, llegamos allí por la mañana desde Pupukea camino de Honolulu, y fue un espectáculo ver todo el paisaje.


LDM said...

wow that's amazing, we don't have any places like that here! btw i'm having my first ever giveaway at my blog and i'd love for you to join! please do drop by, it's 3 simple steps and you can win an amazing dress!

xx from hong kong :)

Pieter said...

Great pictures!

kcomekarolina said...


xoxo from rome

The Cat Hag said...

It is so beautiful, and for me whenever I visit such gorgeous places, I always tear a little leaving it because it makes me sad that I might never experience it again. :)

The Cat Hag


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