Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to Vegas

Yes. It's official. Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving for Las Vegas, where I'll spend 4 days enjoying the sun and hot! It's quite awesme here in Venice it's 3 days I don't see the sun, so I thin I'll enjoy my time there. As soon as I arrive, I'll apload photos, soy stay tuned to see more from Vegas!

Sí. es oficial. Mañana por la mañana nos vamos a Las Vegas, donde estaremos 4 días disfrutando del sol y del calor, y es que hace por lo menos 3 días que no aparece por aquí. Tan pronto como llegue, empezaré a subir nuevos post, así que estad atentos para mucho más.


Susie Heymer said...

How wonderful! Fantastic trip! Enjoy a lot!
Have a awesome day!
Susie Heymer

T said...

I hope I'll go one day to Vegas:)

Froso M. said...

Have fun! God, I think I am a bit jealous!

Froso from Style Nirvana.

Katie said...

Have a fantastic time, I'm jealous! xo

LDM said...

wow super jealous! i haven't been since i was in primary school! have a blast there!

xx from hong kong :)


Wow have fun there in Vegas! Love to see pictures!.

Samantha said...

have a wonderful and safe trip!
what a beautiful city view<33

Casol Villas France said...

Vegas is magical, for sure you will have the best time, enjoy and thank you.

kcomekarolina said...


xoxo from rome


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