Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What's in my bag?

Yesterday I received an e-mail asking me if I could write a little bit more about my daily life here, not just writing few lines about what I'm wearing. Well the truth is that when I'm within exams period all my days could easily seem the same, but anyway, I'll try so. So, I'm always asking myself if it's just me, or the rest of the girls over there carry as many things as I do. Here's what I was carrying in my bag today (and let me say it isn't a working day, if I go to the University, I should have bring with me the piyama, many keys, bottle of water or caffee mug, glasses...) so, do you wanna see? What do you carry in your bag?

Ayer recibí un e-mail pidiéndome si podría escribir algo más sobre mi vida diaria en los post, no limitándome a escribir unas líneas sobre lo que llevo en las fotos. Para ser sincera, cuando estoy en época de exámenes mis días se resumen básicamente a lo mismo, pero en fin, lo intentaré.La verdad es que siempre me he preguntando si soy sólo yo, o el resto del mundo lleva tantísimas cosas en el bolso como yo. Esto es lo que llevaba hoy (y dejadme decir que no era un día de universidad, si lo fuera tendría que añadir el pijama de la clínica, un montón de llaves, botellas de agua o el termo del café, las gafas...)¿Queréis verlo?¿Qué lleváis vosotras?

Ok, so here you can see my gloves, a make-up mini bag and my purse. I do never ever go out of my home without gloves, something that I learned by growing up in Burgos.

 My lips are really dry, so I carry a lip balm (as you know, I don't like wearing lipstick so what I do is keeping a lip balm with me during Autumn, Winter and Spring and if it¡s with a touch of colour, better). Hand-cream, since I'm in the clinic I always keep it with me.

My daily make-up. That's what I always carry with me, and it's what I use everyday, the bag? Nick&Nora cupcake bag.

Yes, more cupcake theme. This one is what I carry with other things like medicines and other stuff. Now I try to use perfumes in 75-80ml, that way I can carry them with me if I'm spending the night out. What I'm using currently? Nina by Nina Ricci.

Big wallet, by Üterque, that my sister brought me last Christmas.

Longchamp bag


Beatrice Ancillotti said...

Lovely bag!!
I like your blog, your country and also your name...!


LDM said...

ohhh i've always wanted to get bimba&lola!

xx from hong kong :)

S4SisterStyle said...

hi,cute blog,follow us if u like our blog and we will follow you too!

Chocolate in Fashion said...

belle foto!! E le longchamps sono bellissime comodissime e pure economiche!!! ahah il 3 perfetto!


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