Monday, March 19, 2012

Brown sugar

While I’m writing these lines, the sky is getting darker and darker, I bet it’s going to rain in a few minutes, something that I’ve been waiting for a long time! Anyway,  here are some shoots taken this morning, my sister is coming back to Valladolid today so I just wanted her to take them before leaving. The masterpiece? These brown sweater that she gave me few days ago, and that I just loved it! I tried to create a simple outfit with the beautiful Pretty Ballerinas flats and that’s the result J

Mientras estoy escribiendo estas líneas, el cielo está empezando a ponerse más y más oscuro, creo que va a empezar a llover en unos minutos, algo que agradeceré infinitamente. De cualquier manera, aquí os dejo con las fotos que hemos logrado sacar esta mañana, mi hermana se marcha hoy así que quería que me hiciera estas últimas fotos antes de irse. ¿La pieza maestra? Este jersey marrón que me ha dejado hace unos días, intenté hacer un look bastante sencillo y clásico, ¿a los pies? Mis Pretty Ballerinas J

Zara sweater
Zara jeans
John Richmond dark brown tshirt
Louis Vuitton bag
Pretty Ballerinas flats
Alexander McQueen bracelet
Ring bought in Rome


Sylwia from the sign of design said...

Hi! I've found your blog by Chicismo and I like your outfits! What do you think about following each other?:) Please let me know on my blog:)

Laura said...

This is such a lovely outfit! I really like it!

xoxo, Laura

Sylwia from the sign of design said...

I have to translate my post abour Furla Candy bag:) I wrote that they are really cute and that Furla is developing their project. Candy bag biggest minus is that they are made from PCV and that makes that the're not worth their prices:) I'm following you by bloglovin and google and I'm waiting for you:) Kisses:)

t said...

Nice bracelet!

Vittoria @ The Beautiful Things said...

love the light-wash jeans!

xo from nyc

Zoe_Flood said...

I love the solem tone to these photos, you look great tho! and I love your leather bracelet!

Tarragona IN said...

Me gusta mucho la pulsera, muy chula

Reptilia said...

Que monaa!! Me encanta la pulsera, es ideal!
Un look muy estiloso!


lorenzo botto said...

love your bracelet :) see my blog at :


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