Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grey's anatomy

While everyone is getting mad about pastel colours (and I must admit I love them, I really like wearing them but when you are seeing everyday and in every single blog – also on the street, for sure,-people wearing them it begins to get kind of boring…) I’m still back to my basic colours. Yes, Springtime is almost here and I know the weather is starting to get better, but I still have some new items to wear J

Mientras que todo el mundo se ha vuelto loco con los colores pastel (no me malinterpretéis, me encantan, me gusta vestir con tonos claros, pero cuando de repente ves todos los días y en todos los blogs –también en la gente, por supuesto- que sólo se ven looks con colores pastel empieza a aburrir…) Yo sigo con mis colores básicos, sé que la primavera está a la vuelta de la esquina, y sigo teniendo algunas cosas por estrenar J

Zara cardigan
Tommy Hilfiguer sweater
Zara sweater
Confidential sweater
H&M skull lipgloss

1 comment:

yeahitsshyy said...

i love the greys!
yeah I know what you mean with the pastel trend, don't think I'll be getting anything pastel any time soon though x


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